As a Writing Coach

One of the things I love about writing is being alone with my thoughts. But there’s such a thing as being too alone–when your ideas aren’t going in a straight line, you need a sympathetic reader, you need to be held accountable, you are not making progress the way you know you could, or you have no idea what the problem is but you think tackling it with company would be a good idea.

The other reason to hire a writing coach is to help you get better at some part of writing that challenges or stymies you–particularly if you trying to learn a new form for a new task, such as reaching a broader readership.

These are just a few of the reasons to work with me. I’ve got a tool kit of evaluation and organizational skills that can help you see through a project or kick start your productivity.  Or work faster and more effectively. I’m sensible, reassuring, and exceedingly positive.

I’ve worked with writers on, articles and essays, book proposals, and grant proposals. We could work together finding the story and plot of a book chapter, perfecting a book proposal, planing an essay and mapping out revisions, or putting the final polish on an article for submission.

I can also help structure longer projects–like a book, a thesis, or a dissertation–and help you ready your work for publication. I’ve helped scholars in diverse fields bring their ideas to a broader, book-reading audience. And as the managing editor of History of the Present, I worked with writers in history, science, public health, literature, and gender studies, among other.

Getting coached on writing is all about clarifying your goals and figuring out how to meet them. Drop me an email to have an introductory conversation.