Fixing Things

When it comes to writing and editing, there’s a category of projects I’ve come to think of as things-that-need-fixing—it may start with words, but often the word part of the things that need sorting out or fixing gets tangled up with the operational, the strategic, and the analytical.

Here are some of the things I’ve helped fix:

  • Transformed an expert but clunky technical report into a clear, directed executive report—helping tech consultants provide actionable recommendations to their clients in higher education.

  • Prototyped a new design template for a technology consulting company’s client reports—less text heavy, more to the point (and less PowerPoint-y).

  • Analyzed data and written gap analyses for that same tech company’s client reports and presentations. Sharpening prose and helping subject-experts articulate their case and make their recommendations.

  • Written e-books with and served as an interlocutor for the COO of a tech-focused content agency as she led her company’s website redesign and upped the agency’s own content marketing efforts. Partnering with busy people to make their work better. Faster.

  • Designed and wrote an email marketing campaign for an academic research center—teaching a small team to think more strategically so they can execute better—independently.

  • Helped that same research center spread the word about their clinical training programs by writing and designing clincian-facing fact sheets.

  • Written social media campaigns and collaborated with graphic designers on posters and collateral to advertise events and raise the profile of an Ivy League humanities research center. Simply put: getting more people in the room to hear writers, journalists, and scholars share their brilliant work.