Ghostwriting to me is all about helping channel a voice—it’s listening + intellectual empathy + magic, and it’s always a back-and-forth. It’s a little mysterious exactly how it happens, but it does. I’ve worked confidentially and discreetly with thinkers to help them figure out what they want to say and finding the words to say it. Each project is different, and often moves between writing, developmental editing, and strong line editing. I work with clients to design a collaborative process that works for them. I also work with writers as an interlocutor, to get the first pass set up for them to work with, and as a first reader helping them polish their work before it is delivered to a press or newspaper editor. Ghostwriting can mean a lot of different things depending on the project, but it is always the fine art of being invisible, so let’s just say that if you need someone to make things better behind the scenes, we should talk.